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Mike and Alison After Hours - THRIVE Interview

After Hours with Andrew Freedman: Author & Managing Partner of SHIFT

Andrew joins Mike Shelah and Alison Haase to discuss his latest book, THRIVE and how it can help organizations like yours, crack the code to high performance...

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THRIVE - Andrew Freedman Interview

Help Desk: How to create high-performing teams in a virtual working world

A disruption to ordinary routines presents opportunities to re-examine old ways of operating. Andrew shares how to cultivate strong and resillient teams that excel, despite the work environment...

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Inevitable Future Of Work Previesw - THRIVE

Inevitable Future of Work: The leader's guide to building a high-performance culture

Andrew Freedman, Managing Partner of SHIFT and Author of soon-to-be-released book, THRIVE, shares proven, science-backed methodologies and principles....

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THRIVE - Preview (horizontal) copy

PR Newswire: A Blueprint for Helping Teams Grow and Thrive in 2021

Fortune 500 business leaders hire Andrew Freedman to identify weak links in their organizational systems and develop step-by-step plans to help their teams reach optimal performance...

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Author Hour: THRIVE With Andrew Freedman and Paul Elliott

Andrew Freedman has devoted decades of his career to understanding what makes individuals in an organization tick, even as a staggering majority of American workers report...

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Raise Your Game Show, Season 7

Season 7, Episode 5: Andrew Freedman

Welcome to season of the Up Your Game Show, a podcast that unlocks proven principals and actual strategies for high performance in sports and business...

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The Daily Record - SHIFT Releases a new book

The Daily Record: SHIFT managing partner releases new book

Andrew Freedman, the managing partner of SHIFT Consulting and an affiliate faculty member at the University of Baltimore, released the book, “Thrive: The Leader's Guide to Building a High-Performance...

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CEO World Magazine Preview

CEO World: 8 Factors Hindering Your Company's Performance

Have you ever heard a leader say, “I want to figure out how to make this a difficult place to work! I want to demotivate my employees!”? Of course not. In our experience as a consulting firm focused on...

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Ideas in the Wild Article

Ideas in the Wild: How Andrew Freedman and Paul Elliot Are Helping Leaders Build Thriving Cultures

For leaders who want a clear blueprint for building a high-performance culture, Andrew Freedman and Paul Elliott have written the book they’ve been waiting for: Thrive. Drawing on extensive experience...

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Unlocking High Performance Through Role Excellence With Andrew Freedman

Unlocked is brought to you by Invincible, a program designed to unlock the potential of people and teams inside your organization. Join companies like Pfizer, Delta, the CDC, Google and Chick-fil-A and others...

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Business in a Post-Covid World Conversation Series- Building High Performance Cultures

Business in a Post-Covid World Conversation Series: Building High Performance Cultures

Have you thought about what the business-world might look like after COVID-19 subsides? Dean Dalziel is bringing our UBalt community closer together by offering a virtual conversation with speakers that have insights....

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10 Authors Offering Entrepreneurs Insight and Advice for Successful Leadership-1

10 Authors Offering Entrepreneurs Insight and Advice for Successful Leadership

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely, scary life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enlist some help. Many people have been in your shoes before...

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