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THRIVE is pure GOLD for any executive looking to improve their leadership and create a high-performing culture. It made me better and I encourage anyone looking to level-up their leadership in 2021 to read and take action

Drive Higher Levels of Performance

THRIVE offers a proven approach for leaders to create clarity and alignment around what high performance looks like and how to replicate it at scale. Drawing on extensive experience in change management, organizational development, and performance consulting, Andrew Freedman and Paul Elliott share their systematic approach, known as the Exemplary Performance System (EPS) in a way that enables leaders to take immediate action to shift workforce engagement and performance.

A Must-Read for Leaders Who Want to:

Identify and eliminate barriers to performance excellence in critical roles

Better align individual and team priorities with those of the company

Build organizational systems and processes that accelerate business and financial results

Successfully launch and land strategic initiatives

Transform human and organizational potential into higher levels of performance

Create ROI from your professional development investments

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About Andrew Freedman

Andrew Freedman is a lifelong advocate for maximizing human potential and creating positive change, personally and professionally. For over 25 years, he’s been a driving force in designing strategies that provide leaders a foundation to translate individual, team, and organizational talent into tangible business growth.

As Managing Partner of SHIFT Consulting, he’s helped countless companies across diverse industries flourish through vibrant company cultures and a high performance mindset. Additionally, through his work as an affiliate faculty member of the University of Baltimore, Andrew’s continued goal is to use his insatiable passion for human performance to inspire new generations of business leaders with the art and science of creating and executing successful, people-focused business strategies.


Imagine someone slid a blueprint across the table to you that increased production of your employees by multiples. Imagine that blueprint had a battle tested, proven series of steps to go from a disengaged workforce to a thriving community of people that understand your business mission and feel energized to come to work and push your business forward. Well, that’s exactly what Thrive is about.

-Joe Schriefer
Publisher, Agora Financial

In Thrive, Andrew Freedman calls out many of the common misconceptions and pitfalls in hiring, developing talent, and building a sustainable culture of excellence. Packed full of truth, wisdom, and ideas for execution, this book provides a roadmap to creating better connection between desired outcomes, and the role excellence required to achieve them at scale.

-Scott A. Francolini
Head of Strategic Relationship Management & Consulting, John Hancock

If you aren’t leading change you are going to be changed! Andrew and Paul live what they write with relentless assessment and problem solving in order to move organizations forward and create competitive excellence in the work environment. This book will provide you with the tools you need to move forward and lead change within your organization.

-Steve Pruett
Executive Chairman, Cox Media Group

Andrew Freedman has cracked the code, as I knew he would, with this practical and actionable book that provides a framework to help business leaders shift performance in an impactful, scalable way. Thrive offers insightful and proven approaches that I have not seen so clearly documented in my 40 plus years in the business of workforce learning and development.

-Malcolm Poulin
Former VP, Strategy, ANCILE Solutions


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